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Welcome To Nate Bower Fitness

Welcome to Nate Bower Fitness your resource for life changing fitness and community.

We believe, in order to maximize clients training and healthy life styles, we need to have experience in many different fields to keep up with today’s fitness trends and needs. Running, boxing and functional training make up a large part of those trends. NBF also has an amazing network of message therapists, nutritionists and Naturopaths. It takes a great team to provide maximum results.

We also understand the importance of community. The NBF Crew is continuously growing. Creating a community of active fitness clients is a large part of what makes NBF such a great company. We, the crew, have ample opportunities to get to know other members. We manage this with networking evets, BBQ’s and classes. We work hard as a team and have fun as a team!

Nate Bower will push clients to rise above his or her goals. A success story never ends…we just keep adding chapters. Nate is waiting to help you write yours.

Join us, the NBF CREW and test your true potential. Many others have joined, and all are believers. Its not just another fitness company, it’s a community of fitness lovers and dedicated clients.

Follow our blog for training advice, videos, workout protocols and more. We want to make sure our NB Fitness Crew community is up to date with current fitness trends and events.

NBF Welcomes you!