NBF classes are filled with different training techniques and drills. If you’re coming to our boxing classes, boot camps, or both, we offer something new every time. We take pride in providing in-depth training and variation in all of our classes. You’ll never get bored and, you’ll always leave satisfied with your workout. NBF classes push the limits but never enough to cause injuries or force improper technique.

Try one and you’ll see why our classes are so popular.

Boxing Class 

In this class we teach you boxing basics and help you to increase your total body strength and cardiovascular fitness. This class Includes hand pads work, band drills, hills, shuttle runs, agility drills, core and partner work. It’s a complete full body workout.

Fight Club

Boxing is becoming one of Toronto’s most popular fitness trends. Become a part of Fight Club to train and condition like a boxer. This class has exploded in popularity due to its demanding fitness and technical componants NBF now offers 2 two Fight clubs. Bay Street fight club, down town, and Midtown fight club in midtown. Train and move like a boxer. You’ll be glad you did.Fight Clubs
Bay Street Fight Club
Saturdays 3pm TKMT Downtown

Mid Town Fight Club
Thursdays 8pm at TKMT Uptown


Boot Camp

NBF Boot camps are one hour of nonstop action. Out boot camp classes are great for anyone who wants to push through an intense hour of fitness. Train your body to become, and stay mentally tough with this high intensity class. Boot camp is ideal for anyone. All you need is a little push to get started. Once you arrive to train, we’ll take care of the rest.

Boxing Boot Camp
every Saturday morning 10am
summer: Yonge and Eglinton Park
winter: Glendon College

Meta Box

What is Meta box? Well, imagine the hardest resistance training you’ve ever done and mix it with the hardest conditioning you’ve ever done. We incorporate metabolic conditioning with boxing. When you combine these two aspects of fitness you have no choice to burn fat and build lean body mass. It’s an intense, fun and incredibly effective class.

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