Boxing Gloves

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BBi Impact

A perfect glove for boxing and bootcamp classes. a very durable Set of gloves with excellent wrist protection along with our comfort fit design.  Available in12 oz's ideal for both small and large hands.


BBi Reaper

A perfect glove for classes. Very durable with excellent wrist protection along with our comfort fit design.  These gloves come in one 12 oz size which will fit small to large hands.


BBS Classics

The BBS Classics boxing gloves are traditional black and white colors.  The comfortable, compact design will keep your punches crisp, hands protected and allow you to rip hard workouts without any worry of damaging your hands.  These classics are the real deal!


BBS Falcon

Like their namesake the BBS Falcon boxing glove might just be the fastest feeling glove on the planet. BBS Falcons are a slick, tight-fitting pro glove ideal for quick-handed boxers. The comfortable, compact design will make these feel like a natural extension of your arm. You've never thrown faster hands.


BBS Hornet

The BBS Hornets are ideal for the hard working boxer. Solidly constructed with a sturdy leather upper, these gloves are designed to hold up to tough, day-in-day-out training sessions. The BBS Hornets also feature a unique strap design and our signature black and bold yellow color combination. If you are looking to out-train, out-work and out-perform, these are the right boxing gloves for the job.


BBS Raptor

The BBS Raptor is a unique addition to our line-up. Fast, agile and powerful, these gloves feature a very comfortable fit, high wrist straps and an eye-catching white and black design. The BBS Raptor is available as a 10 and 12oz pro bag glove and as 14 and 16oz sparring gloves.