Bower Boxing

Not ready to commit to the gym? Looking for killer workouts to do at home or anywhere? Maybe you want an informative instructional video? Bower Boxing allows users to get controlled and effective workouts at home, in the office or out in the park. With multiple workout series and instructional videos, my Bower Boxing video library is stacked with options.

Download, push play and I’ll take care of the rest.
All levels available.

Bower Boxing Sessions

It’s athletic, mentally challenging, physically demanding, and exciting to watch. It’s currently one of the trendiest sports in the world because if these attributes. It’s Boxing! Fun and mental challenges as you enter the work life balance stages of life are often what you lack or miss.

Boxing is a continuous learning, high octane sport that pushes you to evolve, mentally and physically as you improve.

Bower Boxing Sessions are the ultimate in one on one boxing training. Don’t feel embarrassed to try, be compelled to learn!

You’ll learn all the basics: stance, hand position, combination numbers, defense, footwork, and proper movements in the first week of training. Upon improving, we introduce multiple boxing combinations, and conditioning drills. Every session, as a beginner or experienced boxer, you’ll learn something new. Bower Boxing workouts are used globally.

Shadow Boxing

This fast paced shadow boxing series is perfect for beginners or fitness boxing participants looking to enhance their shadow boxing skills and combinations repertoire.

This series provides multiple combinations, footwork and movements almost instantly through memorable combination callouts.

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Virtual Shadow Boxing

The Virtual Shadow Boxing videos provide an interactive, fitness experience never seen before outside of video games.

This interactive Shadow Boxing series will improve your fitness, athleticism, reaction time and hand eye coordination. On top of that you’ll never lose interest as you’ll always improve your skills. And no, you don’t need a video game console or boxing ring. Just internet and a device to view it.

We have designed special motion graphics for the user to punch at a designated time in space on your screen. As you punch at just the right moment these graphics explode. Depending on your skill level, beginner to advanced, workout speeds increase or slow down. The more advanced you become, the faster workouts get. Faster workouts require faster reaction, punches, movement and tip top conditioning. I will push you to progress with each video. We further enhance your progress with my simple and effective nutrition program designed specifically for you.

Boxing Blitz

This boxing series guides you through an intensive interval style combination workout to enhance boxing stamina and endurance. If you’re in need of developing incredible endurance and stamina while throwing boxing combinations, this is the perfect series for you! By the end of this multiple part series, you’ll keep your hands up easier, throw more combinations, increase your stamina and of course burn more calories.

Here is what this videos includes:

  • Multiple rounds of punching intervals and instruction
  • Combination reviews and breakdowns
  • On screen timer
  • Multi angle views
  • Technique breakdowns and cues

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Want to teach fitness boxing?

This Download includes:

  • Full instructional DVD download
  • 2 Boxconn warmups
  • Over 1 hr of content, including technique
  • Boxing combinations, tutorials and breakdowns
  • Boxing and hand pad technique
  • Boxing drills and conditioning
  • Complete 7 week progressive programming

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