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Boxing Coach Simulator App

If you’ve ever wanted your own personal boxing coach, one that would teach you boxing skills and push your physical limits, now you can with the power of your iPhone. The NBF Boxing Coach Simulator iPhone App teaches beginners to the art of the sweet science and challenges the most seasoned contenders.Designed by former competitive boxers, Nathan Bower and Jason Van Veldhuysen, the boxing coach simulator calls out realistic boxing combinations, it’s like having your own boxing coach right over your shoulder pushing you and telling you exactly what to do. The introductory trial level can be downloaded for free, after you have grasped the fundamentals you can upgrade to Amateur, Pro, or Champion mode based on your skill and fitness level. As the levels get higher the punch combinations become longer, faster, and more complex.Another feature is a 6,9, and 12 minute workout series which puts you through the paces with an audio callout. Try these workouts in amateur, pro, champion or insanity. You wont need boxing gloves, just a little bit of will power and space.

Now you can train anywhere, anytime!

“This is without a doubt, the best, and most complex boxing app on the market”