Ultimate Tabata Boxing

Ultimate Tabata Interval Shadow Boxing Series

Supercharge your body and mind and burn fat with the Ultimate Tabata Boxing Series.

Founded on the Tabata Protocol, this is the ultimate aerobic cardio conditioning series on the market. Combining conditioning and boxing for a full body workout like no other, the Ultimate Tabata Boxing Series is a phenomenal fat builder, and great for weight loss for men and women of all ages and boxing/fitness abilities.

Designed using the 20-10 Tabata Protocol – 20 seconds of hard-core exercise followed by 10 seconds off – The Ultimate Tabata Boxing Series is an ideal introduction to boxing combinations, conditioning exercises, and having fun while getting into the best shape of your life.

Included in the series

  • Eight easy-to-follow 25-minute workout video downloads
  • Complete warm-ups
  • Multiple boxing combos and conditioning exercises
  • Fully timed rounds
  • Nate Bower’s motivational voiceover
  • Exercise graphics and explanations
  • New conditioning exercises
  • High energy boxing combos
  • Program PDF

Bonus: How-to shadow boxing tutorial teaching you boxing combos numbers.