Virtual Shadow Boxing

Competative Virtual Shadow Boxing Workout Series

Like entering the world of video games, and providing genuine health benefits.

Connect your device to the Internet and get ready to enter the world of Virtual Shadow Boxing! A dynamic and interactive fitness experience unlike any other, Virtual Shadow Boxing will get you up and working out in no time, increasing your speed, hand/eye coordination and reactionabilities.

With state-of-the-art motion graphics created by Nate’s team, on-screen graphics explode as you punch. Ideal for beginners or experienced boxers, workout speeds increase the better you become, super-charging your punches and movements. Along with Nate’s informative and easy-to-follow nutrition program, Virtual Shadow Boxing will help you see benefits in no time.

Included in the series

  • Program PDF.
  • A Full Workout Tutorial, which breaks down all graphics, and links them to all defensive movements, steps and punches.
  • All Workout files on MP3, so you can conveniently workout just to audio.
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    Virtual Shadow Boxing


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